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ReferralMagic in 1:30 minutes

Watch getting started with ReferralMagic in less than two minutes.

Easy integration

Integrate ReferralMagic to your website in minutes. It's as easy as adding Google Analytics to your website. Once integrated, ReferralMagic will start tracking visitors coming in and their conversions.

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Ready to use invite friend widget

Customize, localize and publish "invite your friend" widget on your website. Let your users invite their friends with a single click.

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Referral campaigns for different pursposes

Are you planning spread the word out on your social media accounts? Are you planning to give away rewards for sign ups? Are you planning to give away rewards for purchases or upgrades? ReferralMagic has the right referral campaign type for you.

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Real time referral campaign statistics

Learn how many referral visitors you get to your website, how many of them sign up and how many of them upgrades. Access to real time reports for each referral campaign you create.

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Reward payout management

Get access to pending reward payouts, filter them and mark them as processed as you give them away.

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Turn your users into referral magnets

ReferralMagic will save your budget and help you get more users to your business.

7 day free trial — Risk-free — 5 minute setup — Live support

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