IPMonitor's Referral Marketing Strategy

Learn how IPMonitor sustained a stable user growth with the help of referral marketing

IPMonitor, ReferralMagic Customer

IPMonitor is a powerful IP address health and reputation monitoring tool designed for email marketing service providers and hosting companies.

What's IPMonitor?

IPMonitor is an IP address black list and email delivery reputation monitoring service for email marketing services and hosting companies. Anyone can create an account at IPMonitor and start monitoring an IP address.

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What kind of referral program does IPMonitor have?

Whenever an IPMonitor customer invites another user and invited user upgrades to a monthly plan, the referrer customer gets a reward point. There are different rewards for different reward point levels:

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How IPMonitor is integrated to ReferralMagic?

IPMonitor uses ReferralMagic’s ready-to-use invite friend widget on their dashboard. But they have also made a separate “Invite & Win” page where their users can see how many referrals they have brought to the system and which rewards they have won so far.

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In addition to invite friend widget, they have also integrated with ReferralMagic’s API to build the referral dashboard for their users:

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