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For SaaS & Software
Speed up your user growth by leveraging your existing users. The quick integration makes it easy to get started.

For Shopify Ecommerce
Boost online sales by turning your happy customers into referral magnets. Activate your referral program with one click.

For Mobile Apps
Leverage your mobile app users, turn them into referrers and start growing your app exponentially.

ReferralMagic in 30 Seconds

It's pretty easy and straight forward to build your referral program

Trusted by successful online businesses

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Case Study: How Nested turned their users into referral magnets

Nested’s mission is to give people the best experience when selling their home. They’re the first estate agent using live data to sell homes with predictable timelines and after 30 days, we can offer an advance which lets home owners move on when they’re ready.

In the past, it was a challenge for them to get new users through non-paid marketing channels.

After implementing ReferralMagic and building their referral program, they turned their website visitors and users into referrers. They are giving away £500 for the referrer and the invitee.

They’ve implemented an in-depth integration with ReferralMagic and website visitors can become a referrer by entering their name and email address. In just a few seconds, they will get their referral link and they can promote Nested to their friends.

Stephanie Le Geyt
Product Manager, Nested

Why ReferralMagic?

For SaaS & Software

Designed for quick integration. Build your referral program for SaaS in just minutes and start leveraging your existing user base.

For Shopify Ecommerce

Turn your customers into referral magnets, track incoming referral traffic. Give away rewards when a new purchase is made through referral links.

For Mobile Apps

Cost efficiency is an important factor on the profitability of a mobile app. Turn your mobile app users into referral magnets quickly.

Customizable For Your Needs

Do you need a specific feature or custom solution? We are here to customize ReferralMagic based on your needs.

Customer Centric

Our mission is to help you grow your business quicker, without breaking your bank account. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Dedicated To Your Success

When you become a member of our big family, you not only get a software. You on board a dedicated and highly experienced referral marketing team.

Cem Hurturk
Cem Hurturk
Co-Founder at ReferralMagic

“I’m a co-founder at a few software and SaaS companies. Referral marketing has always been my #2 growth channel for my startups. We’ve built ReferralMagic for entrepreneurs and online business owners just like us who would like to leverage their existing user and customer bases, at an affordable cost and quickly.

Run Simultaneous Referral Campaigns

Let's say you have business partners and customers. You can setup two different referral campaigns and run them simultaneously.

Each referral campaign you setup will have its own conversion funnel, rewards, and referral links.

Ready to use Referral Widgets

ReferralMagic comes with a full featured API to give you the most flexible and customizable referral tracking platform.

We also provide you quick install and ready-to-use widgets such as invite friend widget. Just like adding a Google Analytics tracking to your website, you can easily add ReferralMagic to your website.

Full Featured API and Integrations

From referral code generation to referral identification, from pending reward management to referral stats, you can use the full featured ReferralMagic API to pull and push data.

Create many API keys for different purposes and revoke any of them when needed.

Referral Campaign Types

Choose one of the three available referral campaign types: Conversion Machine, Sign Up Booster, and Selfie.

ReferralMagic will build the referral funnel based on your needs and provide you relevant metrics.

Better Together

It's always better together ❤️

Mailchimp, ReferralMagic Integration

Mailchimp Integration


Recurly Integration

LeadPages, ReferralMagic Integration

LeadPages Integration

Wix, ReferralMagic Integration

Wix Integration

ClickFunnels, ReferralMagic Integration

ClickFunnels Integration

Zapier, ReferralMagic Integration

Zapier Integration

Squarespace, ReferralMagic Integration

Square Space Integration

Webhooks, ReferralMagic Integration

Webhook Integration

Stripe, ReferralMagic Integration

Stripe Integration


1000+ Integrations via Zapier

Plans & Pricing

No strings attached, cancel anytime monthly plans

On Premise

Runs On Your Server
$ 4850 One time license fee
  • Regular version updates
  • Runs on your own server
  • Data is hosted on your database
  • Source code access for customization


All features included
$ 999 Per year
  • 15% Special discount
  • Track unlimited referrals
  • Track unlimited campaigns
  • Run unlimited referral campaigns
  • No commissions, no hidden fees


All features included
$ 99 Per month
  • Track unlimited referrals
  • Track unlimited campaigns
  • Run multiple referral campaigns
  • No commissions, no hidden fees

All plans include:

Unlimited referral campaigns

Create different referral campaigns for different purposes and referrer groups.

No restriction on referrers

Don't get stress if you have a growing referrer or referral base. Track unlimited referrers.

Multi-Domain Ready

Track your referrals and campaigns on multiple website domains.

Multiple Campaign Modes

Sign up booster, conversion booster and selfie referral campaign types

Ready To Use Invite Friend Widget

Add a fully customizable invite-your-friend widget to your website in a minute.

Real Time Stats

Get real time referral and conversion statistics from your campaign dashboards.

Case Study: How IPMonitor.App Tripled Its Growth Rate In Just 39 Days​

At IPMonitor, we provide IP and domain name black list and reputation monitoring service to hosting companies and email service providers. Until referral marketing, we were acquiring new users and customers through paid advertisement only.

After creating our referral marketing strategy with the ReferralMagic Team, it took only a few hours to integrate ReferralMagic to our website. In just less than 1,5 hours, referral tracking system was ready on our website, including invite friend and referral stats widgets.

After the first announcement we’ve made to our existing user base, it took only 39 days to triple our user acquisition rates through referral marketing.

“I’ve tried many referral tracking platforms and researched all available solutions in the marketing. ReferralMagic helped us to build our referral campaign quickly and it was only a matter of time to activate it on our website” – Levent Ogut / IPMonitor

Levent Ogut, ReferralMagic Customer
Levent Ogut

The Exceptional ReferralMagic Guarantee

"Try ReferralMagic 7 days for free. Once you upgrade, we also offer 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. We're dedicated to your success and satisfaction."

Cem Hurturk, Co-Founder at ReferralMagic

Try free for 7 days. No credit card required to sign up. 30 day money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

we compiled a list of questions asked regularly by our customers.

When you become a ReferralMagic customer, you onboad an experienced referral marketing team along with an easy-to-use referral marketing platform. The easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use platform, one-to-one customer support service and monthly fixed pricing plans makes us different.

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs who have founded many startups in the last two decades, grew them, made exists. Their growth tactics are always depend on referral marketing and that’s why ReferralMagic is built by referral marketers for business owners.

We don’t charge you a commission for each sale you will make through your referral programs. There’s no hidden costs, no commitments. Our pricing is $99/month. We also offer special discounted annual plan and also on-premise licensing. There’s 7 day trial period and when you upgrade, you also get 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

ReferralMagic has been founded by four successful entrepreneurs; Cem Hurturk, Mert Hurturk, David Henzel and Matic Užmah. Scroll down to learn more about our founders.

Getting started is pretty straight forward. Simply sign up for a free 7-day trial. During the trial period, you will have full access to all features.

We offer no questions asked money back guarantee. If you think that ReferralMagic is not the right fit for you, please contact us in the first 30 days. We will issue a full refund for you asap.

If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. You will not be able to leverage the power of word-of-mouth through your existing user base.

No! Integrating ReferralMagic to your website is as easy as installing Google Analytics to your website. Our team will also be happy to help you when you need.

There’s no help desk between you and us. We can always be reached via One of our team member will get back to you quickly.

We provide concierge service. If you’ve made your decision and want to switch from another provider, our team is ready to help and migrate your data for you. Please contact us via for more details.

Yes! Book a call with us and we will be happy to provide you free ReferralMagic training. In just 45 minutes, you will become a ReferralMagic guru and have a good understanding of how to leverage referral marketing for your business.

We provide 7-day free trial. Simply create your trial account on this page and try ReferralMagic for free for the next 7 days. You don’t need a credit card to activate your trial account.

Yes! When you sig-up, you get 7-day full featured trial period.

Nice To Meet You!

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Cem Hurturk

Cem Hurturk

4x co-founder, 1x exit. Obsessed with creating solutions to real-world problems. Since '99, he's founded a few startups for different niches and helped thousands of businesses all around the world.

Mert Hurturk

A perfectionist and the man behind our technology. He's 4x co-founder and 1x exit entrepreneur. Spends his time writing code, designing more effective systems and learning a new stuff regularly.

David Henzel

He's a serial entrepreneur and he writes about things he's learned along the way. He's passionate about helping entrepreneurs and executives to find success in business and life.

Matic Užmah

Co-founder at Support Hero & Contact Dome. He's in charge of creating & maintaining sustainable growth and making customers happy with outstanding customer service.


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